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Nikki is the daughter of architect-turned-art director Seth Reed. The young actress' parents split at an early age, with Reed staying primarily with her mother, Cheryl Houston. She describes herself as a "shy kid" and a "bookworm". However, by the time she was twelve, she became rebellious and emotionally volatile. Her relationship with her mother became strained as she began experimenting with sex, drugs and petty crime.

Catherine Hardwicke, an art director looking to become a writer and director, had dated Nikki's dad for several years and kept in touch with Nikki after they split. In early 2002 she began collaborating on a screenplay with Nikki, then 13, who had been writing up her experiences from the turbulent previous year. It was meant to be a light comedy but instead, evolved into 'Thirteen'. Nikki and Catherine finished it in six days while on winter holiday.

The movie is partially autobiographical, depicting her rebellious life as a girl becoming a woman, and deals with such issues as sex, parents and drugs. The lead character, Tracy, was based on Nikki and played by Evan Rachel Wood, while Nikki played the cool but troubled best friend, Evie - who was a composite character of girls both Nikki and co-writer/director Catherine Hardwicke knew - but overall was actually based on a relative of Catherine's more than anyone else.

Nikki was actually working as an assistant casting director on Thirteen, helping other girls audition, as she had little interest in working in front of the cameras. However, the producers couldn't find the right girl to play Evie, and eventually asked Nikki to, who (reluctantly) agreed. Contrary to popular rumors, she never wanted to play Tracy - she never wanted to be an actress in the first place!

Post Thirteen, Nikki went back to school but missed being on set. She then decided home schooling herself was a better option but "... it didn't really work out because you tell a kid who lives by themselves to go to school and teach themselves?...Yeah, right. So I graduated and I took my GED and then I actually went back to school and got my high school diploma."

Nikki is an all rounder, wanting to act, write and eventually direct also.

Other than 'The O.C', which she liked for the reliability [" I can stay at home and drive myself to work everyday and sleep in my own bed. I think that's what everyone craves in their life — some form of consistency"] Nikki prefers to stick to independent movies at this time. She truly dislikes the insincerity of Hollywood party circuit and prefers the integrity of indie films and the indie mindset.

Nikki also rocks because she's refreshingly unguarded and thoughtful. She's also keen to point out to teens that your models, stars and celebs have literal teams of make-up artists, hair and clothing stylists around them to make them look good. If the 'team' can't make them look good for the glossy covers, Photoshop can, so she warns those who want to compare themselves to their fave stars, to be careful.

bio thanks to http://nikkireedfan.com
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